278 Lafayette Road, Bldg. E, Portsmouth, NH 03801 (603) 351-9125
278 Lafayette Road, Bldg. E
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 351-9125

Interdiscliplinary Dentist

When you are in need of a procedure that I do not specialize in, I will always communicate this to you and refer you to board certified specialists I can wholeheartedly endorse and, in many cases, who will accept your insurance. My commitment is to evaluate and recommend the best possible treatment, even if I must refer you elsewhere. I want to ensure that you get the best possible treatment for your case, and to ensure that you stay healthy and happy.

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Dr. James D. Spivey, DDS, MS, PERIODONTIST
Dr. Juanita Fonseca, DDS, MS, ORTHODONTIST